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It Just Takes One 
The Annual Campaign for the 
 Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo

Dear Friend,
 The Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo thanks you for your continued interest in and support of the Club. This year again we are launching our initiative called "It Just Takes One ~ The 2015 Annual Campaign for the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo.” It just takes one caring adult to make a lasting difference in the life of a child, and we are asking you to be that ONE.
Here is an example of how the Club has made a lasting difference in a young life:

From a Youth Member:
My relationship with the Boys & Girls Club began against my will. I was in the fourth grade and all I wanted to do after school was hang out outside with my friends at the park or walking up and down the streets going from one friends house to another. I remember it was one day in 2007 when my mom first signed me up at the Southside Boys & Girls Club. Mom tried to sucker me into going by bribing me promising me things on the weekends if I would go to the club everyday after school until she got off work. I must admit that I was embarrassed at first- while my friends were out walking the streets and hanging out at the park, I was confined to hanging out with younger kids. What I failed to see were the lasting relationships I would soon have with the staff and "real friends". The Boys & Girls Club didn't pressure me into participating in programs they just let me be me and soon enough I came around. I started getting involved and pretty soon I was doing all the things that I wanted to do. I've been a part of this club for 7 years now and I still walk in everyday after school and wait for my mom to get off work...the only difference now...I WANT TO BE HERE. I want to be like the staff and the older kids in the club that showed me the way to a better life through the club. The Boys & Girls Club took over a special place in my heart. No matter how tough my family situation became- with drug addictions, divorce, and family fights- the staff and the kids were always there to comfort me. I was never just another nameless kid. My most memorable moments in my 14 years of life happened here at the Boys & Girls Club and I continue to create more memorable moments each day I spend here at my club. You see, it's not the building, the games, the computers, the pool tables or the parties that make this club the place that it is. It is the people that work here and that give up their time, to give us a better place to go and to have a better life and I only hope that, one day, I can give back to the club all that it has given to me.    

The is just one example of how the Club has made an impact on our youth as well as entire families. Each child that enters the club will change, in part, because of the Club’s existence. There are many more stories like these that go untold.
How can you help us to continue to make a lasting and important impact on these young lives? It costs the Club $300 a year to properly serve each youth member, yet a youth membership costs just $20 per year. We purposely keep dues low, so that all children will have the opportunity to join. Beyond that, we provide over $50,000 in scholarships yearly for Club memberships, summer programs, and Kid's Cafe.

Our "It Just Takes One” campaign is an annual fundraiser that will continue to impact the lives of the children in our clubs . We plan to phase this campaign in over the next few years to consolidate some of our other fundraising activities. We will continue to use our tried and true fundraisers, such as our Autumn Bash Dinner and Dance, but use the "It Just Takes One”campaign as our token fundraiser in raising the funds it takes to impact our youth one child at a time. Your gift will be used in a variety of ways to benefit the over 1,300 youth members aged 6-18 from San Angelo and surrounding areas. Among them are:

       - sponsoring a youth membership,
       - delivering quality programs and services in a safe clean environment,
       - offering stimulating childcare services while providing peace of mind to working    
         parents, grandparents, or guardians.  
       - meeting the unexpected needs of Club families with financial or material 
         assistance for child care, food and clothing, and
       - maintaining the one 45 year old facility and one 10 year old facility.

We ask that you consider contributing to our "It Just Takes One” campaign. Your gift can be an annual donation or you may pledge to support us throughout the year. Boys & Girls Clubs of America recognizes those individuals who donate $10,000 to any Boys & Girls Club. At the local level, we will recognize contributions of $250 or more to our "It Just Takes One”campaign in our Annual Report.

It just takes one person to help make a difference. It just takes YOU. Your financial commitment will enable us to continue the work that will shape the future of our Clubs and the thousands of youth who attend each year. Thank you for your support of the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo.


The Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo

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